Prior provisions

  1. Website means all webpages of which the files are stored at the webspace of the domain and, with inclusion of aforementioned, are hyperlinked from the main page. This subject to that all these webpages meet the critirium in “prior provisions”.
  2. The webpage is each page of the website which has a hyperlink to this disclaimer with the aim to let the disclaimer be valid for each page.
  3. Content: hyperlinks, images, client-side scripts, audio and video clips. These are examples and these are not excluding other forms of content.
  4. By use of this website, it means: to load, to log in, to reclaim, to look at, to listen to, committing acts (to buy). Without excluding and restriction of above examples.
  5. User:natural and/or legal using the page.
  6. Damage: direct or indirect damage of any kind.
  7. JaJa: JaJa import & export B.V.
  8. Abuse: abuse means abuse of the website: it is not allowed to copy (parts of) the website, to put a modified version online on another domain, to take away email addresses or other contact details with the intention to commit abuse, like spam. Also each kind of abuse that is not mentioned above, but of which the descriptions are found in the Dutch law.



  1. When using the website you agree to this disclaimer. Each point mentioned below applies to the website.
  2. JaJa takes care that she updates the content regularly or making additions to it. Nevertheless JaJa is not responsible for errors or omissions in the content offered.
  3. JaJa does not guarantee that the content is suitable for a particular purpose.
  4. JaJa is not responsible for damage:
    a) caused by the website.
    b) arising from use of the website.
    c) in any other respect related to (the use of) the website.
    d) resulting from the impossibility to consult (one of the webpages) of the website.
    Also JaJa is safeguarded against claims in case of threatening damage.
  5. JaJa reserve the right to modify the content at any time, to add or remove from the website.
  6. JaJa reserve the right to terminate the website without communication in advance.
    Also JaJa is not responsible for damage due to terminating the website.
  7. JaJa is not responsible for websites and files that are connected to external hyperlinks.
  8. JaJa reserve the right to deny access to the website and the services offered without communication in advance.
  9. The user safeguards JaJa, the employees of JaJa, representatives, business partners and licensees from judicial and extrajudicial measures and the charges that arise due to use or abuse of the website or violation of any legal regulation whatever.